STN COB 128x64 lcd display 's qualifications and internationally authoritative certifications
STN COB 128x64 lcd display has been granted with a number of qualifications and internationally authoritative certifications. As the certifications being required vary by the country of origin and the intended sales markets, please consult our Customer Service for the specific certifications. Product testing and certification do not in themselves produce high-quality products, but they ensure a quality assurance process for the design and manufacture of the product. And these products have been tested typically have testing marks. In Shen Zhen Genyu Optical Co., Ltd., quality standards go beyond testing procedures and look at the quality of product design and manufacturing practices.

As a supplier and manufacturer of dot-matrix display, Genyu Optical is professional and reliable. The lcd module series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The creation of Genyu cob cog is in line with international electrical safety standards. It meets the requirements of IEC, EMC, CE marking, etc. It ensures no geometric distortion of images. The product keeps the devices from the damage caused by over high temperature or overheats, hence, it extends the service life of the device. It is environmentally friendly as the LCD panels can be recycled.

Genyu gives full play to its advantages and is popular with most consumers. Please contact.
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