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STN LCD and VA LCD Display for Medical Instruments


Sphygmomanometer LCD panel are relatively simple, because it is usually household product, price is sensitive, so, the LCD panel normally custom-made of TN, HTN, STN, VA with single screen and backlight. some are using RGB backlight.

Therapeutic apparatus

Therapeutic apparatus using some of the high rank materials. such as STN and VA LCD panels. display usually like blue background white letter or black background white letter or other colors. The white, blue and black colors used in the same LCD possess high constract degree, they are the perfect match.

Pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter can use small sized color panel and OLED panel, such as: 0.96 inch 1.3 inch 1.44 inch 1.77 inch panels, Genyu supply these panels accroding to customer's requirements.

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