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by:Genyu     2019-11-22
From the perspective of long-term development, the Enterprise Group is expected to form a technology development enterprise focusing on the research and development of key control system technologies and a product manufacturing enterprise focusing on large-scale and standardized production, technology service enterprises focusing on market application and promotion, professional application enterprises focusing on meeting professional market demand, etc. Different market positioning means different market entry points and market operation modes. In this case, if an enterprise wants to stand out from the crowd, it is difficult to produce the expected value by competing for single factors such as product price, solution provision and service quality. Comprehensive strength is the key to winning, which is reflected in the specific marketing level, brand value is undoubtedly the most powerful evidence. In view of the fact that the display splicing screen regards 'narrowing the seam' as an important development goal, the display splicing screen is no longer an independent system dedicated to luxury ranks, and begins to quickly integrate into the mass commercial large screen circle, however, many DLP splicing and LCD splicing enterprises have entered the battlefield of direct PK with LCD splicing and DLP splicing. In actual operation, if an enterprise wants to win the top spot in the display splicing screen industry, it must not only compete with similar enterprises, but also compete with the already mature LCD splicing and DLP splicing brands, this virtually puts forward higher requirements for setting up the brand value of the display splicing screen. It can be predicted that in the future expansion of the display splicing screen market, the self-upgrading of enterprises, in addition to traditional technological innovation and service improvement, we should also shoulder the important task of self-brand image marketing and popularization of industry technology. The market access threshold will be further raised and the strong will become an important characteristic of industry development. The size and resolution of the display are increasing significantly every year, and many companies are beginning to use more advanced splicing wall solutions. For companies that need to splice walls, the biggest problem they have to solve is: is it using an LCD or an LED display? The composition of the splicing wall can be composed of many raw materials. 'You can use various technologies to create splicing walls- Tiled or discrete LCD tablets, rear projection cubes, LED tile projectors, 'said senior product manager of yourun market solutions. 'Key considerations when selecting the best technology for a specific installation include: design flexibility, physical size, easy installation, image quality, ambient light tolerance, reliability, easy maintenance and cost. 'Before the company decides to use LCD or LED, they need to check the hardware, software, cost and scheme. It is said that the hardware of LCD splicing wall is much simpler than LED display. Customers usually only need to decide the size of the image they want. From there, they can add additional LCD displays as needed to create splicing walls. On the other hand, LED needs more thinking. First of all, you need to decide what resolution image you need. Since most LED panels do not scale, the number of pixels is the resolution. With the emergence of LED cabinets, the overall dimensions do not need to be as large as before. Once the resolution is determined, you can say the size of the deployment. You also need to remember the average distance from which most customers will view the display. If the customer is in close contact, a finer pixel spacing is required. For LCD displays, integrators usually only need to select a media player. They can choose a splicing Wall output with an appropriate number. They can also insert a splicing Wall processor. LED software is similar, but there is a key difference. All cabinets must be inserted directly from the video encoder or player. Cost may be the biggest obstacle to LED. Although the price of LCD displays is expected to decrease, they are still more expensive than LCD splicing walls. Your total cost will be affected by project variables, but at present, LED is a more expensive choice. But cost alone is not the determining factor. You also need to customize specific solutions. You should consider various factors, such as viewing distance, environment, installation hardware and content. LCD splicing walls are suitable for short line of sight because they can display clear images, text and video. However, the border of the LCD splicing wall is more obvious than that of the LED display. LED displays may also be better for outdoor solutions because they can handle ambient lighting better than LCD displays. There is no clear right or wrong choice between LCD and LED display that directly view the splicing wall, but key variables should be kept in mind when making decisions.
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