Take you to understand the brightness of the LCD screen

by:Genyu     2019-12-17
The brightness and contrast settings of different brands and models are different, and there is no way to give specific values. The factory mode is the best effect. If it is adjusted, enter the menu and restore the factory settings. All monitor menus have the option to restore factory mode, but the brands are different. If you feel uncomfortable looking, you can reduce the brightness and contrast. Color temperature is generally 6500K is more appropriate, if you like cold color, use 9300 K. The RGB value is not recommended to be changed by the user unless the current color is not good. If the liquid crystal display must use the standard resolution to be clear, the 17-inch liquid crystal resolution is 1280*1024, otherwise the picture is definitely not clear. One of the most concerned issues for ordinary customers of liquid crystal display is brightness, what is the brightness of the display? Next, the LCD manufacturer will show you the brightness of the LCD. Brightness: English Brightness, as its name implies, refers to the Brightness of the screen. The maximum Brightness of the display screen under the white screen is in Kandra per square meter (Cd/m2)Or nits. As a manufacturer of liquid crystal displays, Lianhuan Qiu will come to talk about the brightness of liquid crystal displays in detail today. The brightness of the LCD screen in the past was a bottleneck, and no good method has been found to improve the brightness, which greatly reduces the sensory experience of users, in order to achieve a better effect, there are two ways to improve brightness at present. One is to improve the light passing rate of LCD panel; The other is to increase the brightness of the background light or the number of lamps. Improving the light passing rate of LCD panel is also called 'polishing technology'. The surface of the display screen is like a layer of glass, which enhances the reflection of light and also improves the color contrast and saturation of the LCD screen.
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