Talk about what's the difference between LCD and LED display principle

by:Genyu     2020-03-27
< p> < / p> said to display technology, people think of first is the liquid crystal display ( LCD) 。 With the passage of time, and some of the new display technology into people's lives, is one of the LED display technology. If there are no more system to understand the difference between these two kinds of display technology, it is very difficult to find the difference. This article will from the root of the display, backlight principle to explain the difference between the LCD and LED. < / p> LED backlight principle < / p> LED backlight using light-emitting diodes as backlight source. Light-emitting diodes (leds) by the seed of very thin layers of semiconductor material, a layer with excess electrons, another layer of lack of electrons to form a positively charged holes work when an electric current passes through, mutual combination of electrons and holes, excess energy is released in the form of radiation. Through the use of different semiconductor materials can obtain different luminescence characteristics of light emitting diode. < / p> the color of the LED technology advantage significantly, so popular in the display manufacturing. Has outdated CCFL ( Cold cathode backlight) Technology due to the limitation spectrum, color gamut range is limited by large, the best performance is only about 70% of the NTSC color gamut, color gamut of higher effect is to pay high costs more. < / p> but using LED as back light is completely different, because the LED ( Light emitting diode) Light cover chromatography is wider, light emitting area is more even, normal color gamut range can be easily reached 100% ~ 130%, and 30% won't appear like traditional CCFL backlight color loss. So the LED backlit display color more full, the details of the picture clearer, more natural color transition. < / p> < p> < / p> CCFL backlight principle < / p> CCFL ( Cold cathode fluorescent lamp) Back light physical composition is sealed in a glass tube + Ar mixed gases, inert gas can contain trace mercury vapor ( Mg) And in glass wall coating fluorescent body. Works after the high voltage on both ends of tube, tube within a few electronic high-speed impact after the electrode produce secondary electron emission, began to discharge, the tube of mercury or inert gas electronic after the impact, excitation radiation out of 253. 7 nm uv light, ultraviolet excitation of tu the phosphors on the tube wall and produce visible light. CCFL lamp life is generally defined as: in the ambient temperature of 25 ℃, with rated current driving lamp, brightness to reduce 50% of the work to the original brightness time length of lamp life. The LCD TV backlight nominal life can reach 60000 hours. CCFL( Cold cathode fluorescent lamp) Back light is characterized by low cost, but the colour underperformed the LED backlight. < / p> at present there are still a large part of the display the traditional CCFL backlight, but compared to the price advantage of LED backlit display has been more and more small, 18 inches below the LED backlit display price already with CCFL display. Is expected in the second half of this year, the price of the 23 inches will also with the corresponding size of CCFL backlight display flat. < / p> also need everyone's attention, now the market popular display mainly adopts two kinds of technology, is a kind of cold cathode fluorescent lamp tube, another is the LED backlight technology. But many people will confuse the LCD and cold cathode fluorescent lamp tube, this is obviously not right, should be from the perspective of backlit principle to distinguish, this is the correct way of understanding. Hope everyone can learn after read this article. < / p> < / p>
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