Talking about the general judgment method of liquid crystal display maintenance

by:Genyu     2019-11-24
1. The whole monitor has no electricity, which should be said to be a very simple fault. There are two kinds of power supply inside the LCD extension and the power supply outside the monitor, which are common outside the monitor. No matter what kind of power supply, its structure is much simpler than that of crt display. The vulnerable components are generally small components, such as Fuse, input inductor, switch tube, Zener diode, etc. The relatively rare fault is that the power supply caused by the motherboard cpu does not start. This part is actually relatively simple in principle, that is, through the key control board to the cpu, then the cpu outputs a control signal to drive the power conversion integrated circuit to work. 2. The display is not lit when it is lit, but the power indicator is always on. This kind of problem is generally caused by high voltage abnormality, which is the action of the protection circuit. In this case, there is a display on the LCD screen, and the method of viewing is 'squint '. The key point of maintenance is to compare the repair method. Because, the design of the high-voltage board of the current liquid crystal display is generally symmetrical, and there may be basically no bad on both sides. Generally, the old machine is prone to problems with step-up transformers and lamps, and the protection circuit and process problems of the new machine are more common.
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