TFT and IPS LCD screen is the difference

by:Genyu     2020-03-20
< p> < / p> the consumers in the choose and buy of intelligent mobile phone, will consciously know about the screen, screen, after all, good or bad directly affect the experience. Look at the screen, which involves use of display materials, such as TFT, IPS ( Technology) , SLCD, Super AMOLED, etc, among which the manufacturer is the most used TFT and IPS screen. In particular, the IPS screen known as Super TFT, is to use the TFT IPS technology. So in TFT and IPS which screen is better? Here is for everyone to do a simple introduction, and teach you some basic methods of resolution. < / p> is most commonly a TFT LCD screen LCD screen are referred to as 'active panel', and 'active panel' of the core technology is the thin film transistor, that is, TFT, also caused the people to take the initiative to call into a TFT panel, although such a call is not appropriate, but in the long run, it is. Simple example is about 'the universe' people think of 'South Korea', although is not very appropriate, but they can understand. < / p> and the workings of a TFT LCD is on the liquid crystal display each LCD pixels were integrated in the behind of the thin film transistor to drive, or TFT. For configuration of each pixel in simple terms, TFT is a semiconductor switching device, can control each pixel point by pulse directly. And because each node is relatively independent, but also can take control. < / p> IPS screen name is ( 在- - - - - - Plane Switching, Plane transformation) IPS technology has changed the arrangement of particles, the liquid crystal molecules using level conversion technology, speed up the deflection of the liquid crystal molecules, guarantee in the shaking screen resolution can also have a strong expressive force, eliminates the traditional liquid crystal display when receiving outside pressure and shaking with fuzzy and water lines spreading phenomenon. Due to the liquid crystal molecules rotate in the plane, so the IPS screen is inherently has a good visual Angle, can do four axial line close to the Angle of 180 degrees. < / p> although IPS screen technology is very severe, cattle to no, but it is a technology based on TFT, nature or TFT screen. Regardless of the IPS to what extent, after all, is based on the TFT derivatives. < / p>
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