TFT - LCD LCD manufacturing process is introduced

by:Genyu     2020-03-20
< p> < / p> TFT LCD manufacturing process has the following several parts: the TFT substrate to form a TFT array; In the color filter substrate into a color filter pattern with two pieces of substrate and ITO conductive layer to form liquid crystal box; Installation of the peripheral circuit, such as assembly back light module assembly. < / p> LCD - TFT LCD screen < / p> 1. The TFT substrate to form a TFT array technology has realized industrialization TFT types include: amorphous silicon TFT ( a - 如果支持) , polysilicon TFT ( p - 如果支持) , monocrystalline silicon TFT ( c - 如果支持) A few kinds. A - still is currently the most used 如果支持。 a - Si TFT manufacturing technology is first on the borosilicate glass substrate sputtering grid material membrane, the mask exposure, development, forming a gate after the dry etching wiring pattern. < / p> general mask exposure stepper exposure machine. The second step is to use pecvd method for continuous film technique, form sinx film, non doped with a - Si membrane, phosphorous n + a - Si membrane. And then to mask exposure and form a TFT part a - the dry etching Si pattern. The third step is to form a transparent electrode (by sputtering film-forming method ITO film) , then through mask exposure and wet etching formation displays electrode design. Step 4 gate end insulation membrane contact hole pattern formation is to use mask exposure and dry etching method. < / p> the fifth step is to al sputtering film, etc. With mask exposure, etching formation TFT pattern of the source, drain and signal lines. Finally formed by pecvd method technique of protective insulation film, reoccupy mask exposure, etching and dry etching to insulation membrane forming ( The protective film is used for the grid as well as the protection) and show the electrode of electrode end line 。 At this point, the entire process to complete. < / p> TFT array technology is TFT - Investment in equipment and plays an important role in LCD manufacturing process of the most part. The whole process requirement in high purification conditions ( For example, 10) Under. < / p> 2。 In the color filter ( cf) Color filter is formed on the substrate design process method of the formation of color filter shaded part dyes, pigment dispersion, printing method, electrolytic deposition, inkjet method. At present is given priority to with pigment dispersion method. < / p> the first step in the pigment dispersion method is uniform grain fine pigments ( The average particle size less than 0. 1μm) ( R, g, b three colors) Scattered in the transparent photosensitive resin. Then will they, in turn, with coating, exposure and development process, form r in turn. g。 B three color pattern. Used in the manufacture photolithography technology, device is mainly used in coating, exposure, imaging device. < / p> in order to prevent light-leaking, in RGB trichromatic junction is typically black matrix ( bm) 。 Previous multi-purpose forming a single metal chromium film sputtering, now have to switch to metal chromium and chromium oxide compound of bm bm film or mixed resin carbon resin type. In addition, you also need to make a layer of protective film on the bm and it0 electrode formation, with a color filter substrate as with TFT LCD substrate before and after the substrate to form a liquid crystal box. So must focus on good location problem, make color filter units with each pixel corresponding to the TFT substrate. < / p>
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