TFT LCD module material and structure is introduced

by:Genyu     2020-03-19
< p> < / p> < / p> TFT screen TFT material screen is currently the most commonly used on the phone's screen is one of the most common material, TFT TFT - all the way - - - - - - ThinFilmTransistor thin film transistor, which is active matrix type LCD AM - One of the LCD, TFT in setting special LCD back light pipe, can be active to separate pixels on the screen to control, so can greatly improve the reaction time. Because the TFT active matrix LCD can make LCD arrangements with memory, does not immediately restorable after current disappear. TFT also improved the STN flashing ( Water ripples. ) - - - - - - Fuzzy phenomenon is improved effectively play the ability of dynamic images. < / p> < / p> TFT LCD TFT screen structure for each pixel has a semiconductor switch, each pixel can through the point of pulse directly control, which are relatively independent, each node and can be continuous control, not only enhances the reaction rate of screen, can be precisely controlled display levels at the same time, so the TFT LCD color more true. The characteristics of TFT LCD screen brightness is good, strong administrative levels, reductive degree is high, but also there is the lack of electricity. < / p>
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