TFT LCD screen and LCD what are their respective advantages

by:Genyu     2020-03-17
< p> < / p> TFT LCD screen, is one of the best LCD color display device, TFT LCD screen response speed faster, higher contrast, perspective is wide, and more frivolous, TFT LCD screen and LCD respectively what are the advantages? Shenzhen jing yao LCD module manufacturer below small make up to make a brief introduction for you. < / p> TFT good brightness, high contrast, administrative levels feels strong, bright color. Defect is more power consumption, high cost. Composition of type TFT LCD is mainly include: fluorescent tube, guide plate, polarizing film, filter plate, glass, match to the film, liquid crystal materials, thin model transistor and so on. < / p> also known as LCD liquid crystal display, is a kind of the light transmittance of LCD control technology to realize the color display. From the perspective of the structure of liquid crystal displays, LCD is composed of two pieces of parallel glass, about 1 mm thickness, by containing liquid crystal material during the period of 5 microns evenly spaced, because the liquid crystal material itself does not shine, so will be equipped with lamp as the light source side of the screen, and in the LCD screen back tend to have a back plate, the main role is to provide uniform background light source. < / p> due to the liquid crystal display in the direction of the output light source with specific features, if people stand in a very oblique angles of a white screen, are likely to see black or color distortion. And scope of vision because each person is different, if there is no standing in the best Angle, but can see colors will appear with the possibility of error. < / p> although in certain circumstances to watch the LCD screen will appear the phenomenon of color distortion, but this does not mean the LCD has no advantages, existence is reasonable, the LCD is still has many advantages. Consumers most concerned about power consumption problems, for example, LCD power consumption is relatively small, and generally will use the LCD display digital interface, is also very convenient to use. < / p> TFT LCD screen and LCD have their own advantages, the vigorous development of the developing the TFT LCD screen LCD! < / p>
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