TFT LCD screen are the two causes the splash screen

by:Genyu     2020-03-19
< p> < / p> a, TFT LCD screen and light source frequency close to the splash screen is < / p> this is very common, because the frequency of the different light source is different, in certain cases, the frequency of the LCD screen with artificial light is near flicker is also more common, the best way at this time is a kind of artificial light or LCD screen equipment, avoid the splash screen. < / p> two frequency is too high, the screen itself led to the splash screen < / p> screen itself too frequently led to the splash screen, but in real life rarely lead to equipment for high frequency of the splash screen. Wilson of optimal horizon of technical personnel, people's images of naked eye for more than 60 hz is no flicker feeling, and the design of the LCD LCD screen with the general standard basic it is to maintain on this data, so normally won't appear the situation of the frequency is too high, but at the same time, it does not exclude the screen itself had malfunctioned. < / p> but after related instrument measurement is really the fault of screen itself, in addition to replace new monochrome LCD is relevant software to carry on the design to equipment, and the best way is to IC of the OSC frequency increase, see LCD screen flicker. Of course, if the row and column of the LCD screen with separate drive, also can be adjusted through the drive chip set. < / p>
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