TFT LCD screen resolution and the service life of the matter?

by:Genyu     2020-03-19
< p> < / p> TFT LCD screen resolution and the service life of the relationship between a lot of people don't really understand, so today let TFT LCD manufacturers detailed introduce for everybody! < / p> we are all familiar with the resolution, is refers to in a certain unit area, according to the number of pixels. In the design of TFT LCD screen, their imaging is passed to achieve this kind of technology, and within a certain unit area, the product can be adjusted, the ratio of pixels at the same time, this determines the physical resolution of the TFT LCD is fixed. If the large size of TFT LCD screen, it can be set to the resolution of 1280 * 1024, but if it is small size, you can use 1024 * 768, both in addition to the definition, life does not have too big effect. Above is the resolution of the TFT LCD screen with the introduction of the service life of the relationship.
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