The contrast of OLED display technology and LCD liquid crystal display technology

by:Genyu     2020-03-20
< p> < / p> we from details, see the LCD TV and fundamental difference and difference of OLED TV. < / p> LCD TV backlighting on television, in particular, has a variety of backlight design, for example, the top and bottom, side at the bottom of the light type, global type, etc. , have relatively higher brightness, although the OLED can be illuminated, but brightness of LED backlight slightly lower than some. < / p> < / p> 1。 Black level: < / p> winners OLED < / p> black levels, because each pixel is independent of OLED self-illumination, deep, natural color. LCD TV, no matter what kind of use the backlight technology, in the realization of local dimming will have some impact, influence the effect of black reduction. < / p> < / p> 2。 Contrast: < / p> winners OLED < / p> maybe you used a bad LCD TV or monitor, will find that the effect is white, the color reduction is highly accurate, it is basically because of poor contrast conditions. In addition, contrast will also to a certain extent, affect the level of black. While few in the TV review contrast test project, but relatively speaking, OLED can produce a better contrast effect, at the same time without any shading. < / p> < / p> 3。 Resolution: < / p> winners draw < / p> whether LCD or OLED TV, at present the resolution of the highest standards are achieved 4 k ultra clear standards. < / p> < / p> 4。 Refresh rate and motion blur < / p> winner: LCD < / p> relatively speaking, the LCD screen has a higher refresh rate and the processing of motion blur, and the current version of the OLED generally there is the apparent motion blur effect. Cnet test found that even using the black frame insertion technique to solve the motion blur, LCD TV performance is generally better than OLED. < / p> < / p> 5。 High dynamic range ( HDR) < / p> winner: LCD < / p> HDR is a technique could significantly improve image quality, in contrast, brightness and balance has superior performance. At present, only a handful of LED TV to support this feature, and need to be compatible with HDR image content ( Such as 4 k blue) To achieve the best effect. And for OLED, while LG has shown the HDR technology, but its 2015 models also don't really have the function. < / p> < / p> 6。 Color gamut extension: < / p> winners LCD < / p> another TV is widely adopted by the technical, this year is the color gamut extension technology. Such as quantum dots, can let television shows a wider range of colors, so as to realize the display of different style or a rich colour effect in itself. As for OLED, LG technique using blue, yellow phosphor and red, green and blue color filter to create the ATSC color spectrum, the future is not clear whether can realize color gamut extension. < / p> < / p> 7。 Viewing Angle and uniformity: < / p> winners OLED < / p> although IPS and curved surface screen technology can improve the Angle of the LCD screen, but there are still some blind Angle. OLED is do not have any perspective, from the Angle of the extreme even watch are almost the same. < / p> evenness refers to the consistency of the screen backlight, OLED due to spontaneous light features a more uniform, and the LCD will because backlight position is different, light-leaking phenomenon to some extent, especially the most edge-lit LED. < / p> < / p> 8。 Energy consumption: < / p> winners LCD < / p> energy consumption depends on the backlit LCD TV set, so the LED backlight design than each pixel independent light OLED less electricity. Cnet tests, using LED technology in 55 inch LCD TV power consumption cost of about $14 ( RMB 87) LG OLED TV is $45 (with size RMB 280) 。 < / p> < / p> 9。 Life < / p> winner: draw any flat TV < / p> may appear 'burn-in' phenomenon, namely permanent residual image. For LCD screen, however, the chance is very small, OLED is also not sure, in short we not in the process of using television, according to the fixed image all night. As for life, whether in LCD or OLED, temporary no authoritative statistics life, so the industry generally believe that were small. < / p> < / p> 10。 Price: < / p> winners LCD < / p> apparently, LCD TV much more cheaper than OLED TV, highest cost gap could reach 5 times. However, OLED TV is also becoming more and more cheap, it is worthy of attention. < / p> < / p> < / p> summary clearly, whether LCD or OLED, have their respective advantages. For now, OLED in terms of image quality, contrast with better effect; And LCD TV are also trying to chasing, competition was achieved by HDR color gamut and expansion. Of course, in the field of liquid crystal model, size is more abundant, prices and more choice, relatively more suitable for ordinary families. The pursuit of high-end users visual enjoy, OLED is a better choice. < / p>
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