The development of the society make the hd intelligent LCD screen into security mogul trend

by:Genyu     2020-03-14
Big screen display system with large screen, the characteristics of high resolution, can provide users with a wealth of information, radio and television, public security, transportation, and many other industries and departments, and LCD splicing wall as important large-screen display devices are widely used by radio and television, LCD display unit so as to realize by multiple joining together the function of TV wall shows a big picture. The development direction of the future will be the tendency of digital, Gao Qinghua, intelligent development. With the rapid development of our country's economy, all kinds of information also is in rapid growth, to watch different enterprises or units, monitoring the amount of information more and more, this is an urgent need to the terminal display system towards large-scale, high motivation development. As early as 1995 years, big screen splicing has just appeared in China, at that time, many vendors are all imported from abroad by splicing screen, not only cost is extremely high, and do not guarantee the coefficient of safe and reliable in use. A huge sums of money into, let the purchaser is not very happy to buy safety factor no guarantee big screen TV wall. But with the development of radio and television, the news studio is increasing demand for the big screen, a lot of radio, film and television manufacturers began to seize the opportunity of the tail, the Chinese domestic market opening large, joining together. Screen splicing 'forces' the growth of the ultimate strength is due to the demand of the market. < / p > as the city's population continues to grow, with the rapid development of automobile industry and the improvement of living standards result in traffic control is more and more complex. The road traffic and management ability to a lot of second and third tier cities. A new LCD splicing market competition face. Now across the country have joined in the safe construction of city, but the National Day in recent period of time can hand in accidents across the country once again sounded the cheng city traffic construction. The traffic problem is directly related to our property and life safety, especially the life is priceless, grips, to high future LCD screen splicing screen application in traffic control, more attention should be paid to national government also should vigorously strengthen the construction of traffic, promote the popularity of LCD splicing in the intelligent traffic management. Traditional single monitor already cannot satisfy the demand of the market, the domestic traffic center gradually adopt the LCD splicing alternatives to traditional CRT monitors, it is a good trend, but development speed rising or relative traffic complexity appears lag. Domestic screen splicing market has maintained a high-speed growth, its huge profits and broad market prospect, attracted a lot of manufacturers to join in the field of, especially in the LCD splicing market, a number of factors led supplier. < / p > hd is necessarily the future main products, LCD will inevitably become a mainstream trend makes. In fact, the security market has reflected in all areas of our country. With the continuous development of industry information construction, the user is strong demand for security monitoring, at the same time, have the ability to provide a complete set of information-based business solutions, more crucial to the user in the field of security. < / p > good market environment will be brewing up display terminal technology revolution, is very obvious, flat stitching products will become now the best choice and the trend of the development of the security environment, at the same time, manufacturers and distributors of win-win will also exhibit the beacon for the future development of security market. Nearly ten years, the domestic security market has more than 30% of the country's last for many years maintained a rapid growth, China has rapidly rise as the world's main security products production base and the world's largest security market. < / p > compared with the traditional CRT TV wall, projection, flat-panel monitor group, large screen LCD monitor, etc. , screen splicing no matter from the perspective of clarity, brightness, and color consistency shows performance, or splicing flexibility, after-sales service and price and so on comprehensive consideration, are much more. Among them, the LCD splicing in sew on technology breakthrough, more make the invincible in the screen splicing. Second, as the security of the project has become increasingly complex and multivariate, hd collection, decoding, network transmission has become a standard configuration, a single security monitoring can not meet user needs, the traditional technology is more and more become the shackles of security industry development. The LCD splicing products, in response to the unity of the security business management and centralized control, demonstrated its advantages. < / p > the future development trend of domestic market development gradually large, splicing hd intelligent. Domestic market of domestic splicing display the overall size of up to 4. 8 billion yuan in 2010, general will grow by 42% in 2011, 68. 100 million yuan of total sales, and the growth rate of the splice screen will be as high as 23%. You can see that the LCD splicing market development potential is huge, it will surely drive the security monitoring market further prosperity of our country. With the breakthrough the limitation of flat-fell seam LCD splicing, industrial applications of also gradually strong, recently several large energy industry splicing screen using the LCD splicing technology projects. < / p >
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