The function of polarizer for LCD liquid crystal display

by:Genyu     2020-01-04
LCD uses the optical activity of liquid crystal. Liquid crystal molecules with moderate thickness can rotate the polarization direction of light by 90 ° or 270 ° ( When the voltage is applied, the liquid crystal molecules are set up due to the electric field, and the direction of the light is not changed) With two polarizers, the entire LCD box can be turned into a light. One of them is the polarizer (Down, close to the light source)One is the analyzer (Close to the eyes). If there is no polarizer, the incident light is circularly polarized light, and the exit is also circularly polarized light, there is no image. It is a piece of white. As for the LCD, there is already an RGB Filter film inside, but to display red, it needs green, blue is fully closed, red is on, it looks red, if RGB is fully open due to polarizer failure, that may go up is the multi-color light--White light. ---In fact, you use a magnifying glass to enlarge 10-20 times you can see the RGB situation. I. Basic structure of LCD liquid crystal display polarizer is mainly made of PVA film, TAC film, protective film, release film and pressure sensitive adhesive. The core membrane material for polarization in polarizer is PVA membrane. After dyeing, the PVA film adsorbs iodine molecules with two-way absorption function, and the iodine molecules are arranged orderly on the PVA film through stretching to form a polarized film with uniform two-way absorption performance, its transmission axis is perpendicular to the direction of stretching. Second, the LCD liquid crystal display polarizer working principle polarizer (Polarizer) All called polarized light plates can control the polarization direction of a specific beam. When natural light passes through the polarizer, the light perpendicular to the transmission axis of the polarizer will be absorbed, leaving only the polarized light parallel to the transmission axis of the polarizer. In the liquid crystal display module, two polarizers are respectively attached to both sides of the glass substrate, the lower polarizers are used to convert the light beam generated by the backlight source into polarized light, and the upper polarizers are used to analyze the polarized light after being electrically modulated by the liquid crystal, produces a contrast of light and shade, resulting in a display. The imaging of the liquid crystal display module must rely on polarized light. Without any polarizer, the liquid crystal display module cannot display images.
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