The internal structure of TFT LCD screen is introduced

by:Genyu     2020-03-16
< p> < / p> believe everyone for TFT this three letters or feel more strange, even heard of, but is also a little knowledge on it. While TFT what IT products, said display screen, tablet, phone, TV, and so on can use screen display products, cannot leave the TFT. And many users will also be confused type TFT LCD panel and wu, TFT what things? Shenzhen jing yao LCD module manufacturer today to give you a science of TFT related knowledge. < / p> at present, whether it is a liquid crystal display, mobile phone, tablet, display or the television, their screen mostly USES is 'active matrix', and this kind of structure is called a 'thin film transistor to open and close as pixels electrical switching device. The TFT refers to the '' thin film transistors. < / p> TFT is refers to the thin film transistor, each LCD pixels is by the integration of the thin film transistor to drive behind the pixels, which can achieve high speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information. TFT each pixel is made up of integrated TFT to control on its own, is the active pixels. As a result, not only can greatly improve the speed, but also greatly improve the contrast and brightness, also reached the high level resolution. < / p> TFT LCD panel in the bottom of the glass substrate of the pixel driving module, its shape is thin film shape, with the pixel element embedded in the driver module. Generally speaking, the characteristics of TFT and semiconductor transistor basic same, the drive current of pixel capacitor charging, and lighted pixel panel conversion device. < / p> TFT - LCD panel can be seen as two pieces of glass with a layer of liquid crystal in between them, which is all the common characteristic of the LCD screen, LCD screen is actually a liquid crystal box, the top of the glass substrate is combined with color filters, and transistors are embedded in the lower glass. Electric field changes, generated when the current through the transistor liquid crystal molecules, so as to change the partial polarized light, reuse the polaroid decide which state of light and shade. < / p> that's LCD module manufacturer - shenzhen Crystal down electric co. , LTD. , to share the internal structure of a TFT LCD screen, if you want to know more information about the LCD module's friends, welcome to continue to focus on our website! More wonderful content, present for you! < / p>
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