The introduction of active and passive matrix LCD screen

by:Genyu     2020-03-16
Active matrix LCD screen < / p> TFT - The structure of LCD liquid crystal display and TN - LCD liquid crystal display basic same, but the TN - LCD intercalation electrode instead of FET transistor, and the interlayer instead of common electrode. < / p> TFT - The working principle of LCD liquid crystal display and TN - The LCD has many differences. TFT - The imaging principle of LCD liquid crystal display is to use 'back through type' way. When light irradiation, first through the polarizing film give up, use liquid crystal molecules to transmitting light. Due to the fluctuation of intercalation electrode to FET common electrode and electrode, the FET electrode conduction, the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules state will also change, and achieve the purpose of display by shading and pervious to light. But the difference is that because of the FET transistor with capacitance effect, can maintain potential state, previous pervious to light of liquid crystal molecules will keep this state, until the FET electrode next add electricity change the arrangement. < / p> < / p> TN passive matrix LCD screen - LCD, STN - LCD and DSTN - LCD display principle between basic same, < / p> difference is the distortion Angle some difference between the liquid crystal molecules. In a typical TN - below LCD as an example, introduce the structure and working principle. Less than 1 cm in thickness of TN - LCD liquid crystal display panel, usually consists of two pieces of glass, color filter, in the match to the membrane made of plywood, such as outside wrapped two polaroids, they can decide the maximum luminous flux and color. Color filter is made up of red, green, blue three colors of the filter, regularly produced in a large glass substrate. Each pixel is made up of three colors unit ( Or is called the child pixels) . If there is a panel of a resolution of 1280 x 1024, it actually has a 3840 x 1024 transistors and sub pixel. Each pixel in the upper left corner ( Gray rectangle) For not pervious to light of the thin film transistor, color filter can produce RGB trichromatic. Every sandwich contains electrode and match to the groove is formed on the membrane, fluctuation in the sandwich filled with multilayer liquid crystal molecules ( Liquid crystal is less than 5 x 10 - space 6m) 。 In the same layer, the location of the liquid crystal molecules are irregular, but long axis orientation is parallel to the polarizing film. Between the different layers, on the other hand, the liquid crystal molecules parallel to the long axis along the polarizing film plane turn 90 degrees in a row. < / p> among them, the adjacent two layers of liquid crystal molecules polarizing film long axis orientation, and the adjacency of the polarized direction of polarizing film. Near the upper layers of liquid crystal molecules to line up according to the direction of the upper groove, and the interlayer of the liquid crystal molecules are arranged according to the direction of the bottom groove. Finally, encapsulated into a liquid crystal box, and with the drive IC, IC control connected to printed circuit boards. < / p> under normal circumstances the light from the top down, usually only one point of view, the light can penetrate down through the polarizing film into the groove of the upper layers, and then through the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules, pathway from the polarizing film, form a complete light penetrating way. While the intercalation of LCD attached with two pieces of polarizing film, the arrangement of these two pieces of polarizing film and pervious to light Angle is the same as the interlayer grooves arranged up and down. When applying a voltage liquid crystal layer, due to the influence of the external voltage, LCD will change its initial state, no longer according to the arrangement, in the normal way and become erect. Therefore passes through the liquid crystal light will be absorbed by the second polarizing film show opaque state and the whole structure, the black to appear on the LCD screen. When the liquid crystal layer without any voltage, liquid crystal is in its initial state, will be the direction of the incident light turn 90 degrees, so the back light of the incident light can pass the whole structure, the white to appear on the LCD screen. In order to achieve on the front panel of each individual pixel can produce the color you want, more cold cathode tube must be used as a display back light. < / p>
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