The LCD brightness requirements applied to medical equipment

by:Genyu     2020-03-25
< p> < / p> we all know the LCD liquid crystal display of wide range of USES, and also is often used in medical equipment monitor, but medical equipment compared to other devices are much more strict, so have strict rules on display brightness. < / p> brightness is how bright image displayed on the LCD display, the brighter the display image can produce in the greater the dynamic range, enable people to distinguish more color in the image, the dynamic range must provide full 8 bit gray-scale image ( The 256 different colors) 。 < / p> ordinary LCD monitor are: 200 - 300 CD/m2 * * degree of constant requirements; Medical LCD monitor are: - 600 700 CD/m2 after correction of the brightness of the set in the 400 - Between 500 CD/m2. Requirement for 30000 or even 100000 hours brightness values remain the same. < / p> brightness constant is very important for medical LCD monitor, LCD display brightness does not change with time. Experimental study show that the relationship between LCD display brightness and sensitivity to the naked eye, when in 500 CD/m2 brightness, sensitivity to the naked eye to 700, when in 800 CD/m2 brightness, sensitivity to the naked eye to 777 ( The largest) , an ideal brightness in 400 ~ 500 CD/m2, so choose 700 CD/m2 or brightness. < / p>
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