The LCD panel seamless splicing technology is introduced

by:Genyu     2020-03-17
LCD screen seamless splicing technology is a kind of special and require higher projection display application, can realize the screen image fusion together, and splicing gap to minimum so coincide splicing technology. Seamless splicing technology not only need to complete the ultra big screen, to cast a very large size images used in projection also have special requirements. Seamless splicing technology and the BSV LCD splicing technology biggest difference lies in the gap. < / p> < p> < / p> a seamless splicing technology, as a high demand, high levels of projection display application, specific operation is: the fusion more screen image, and reduce the gap, spelling a juncture between or make joint overlap together. In the application of seamless splicing technology, need to prepare a wide screen; On the other hand, must ensure that the size of the projection used meet the work standard. Unlike BSV LCD splicing technology, seamless splicing technology gap is relatively small. < / p> second, seen from the development process, three course after the seamless splicing technology, namely pure hardware integration technology, pure software integration technology and the hardware and software integration technology. So-called pure hardware integration technology, mainly refers to the use of optical window principle, will be a variety of image fusion together. The pure software integration technology is the use of electronic circuit to process images. Is as the name suggests, the software and hardware integration technology will combine the above two kinds of technology, it includes both the optical window fusion technology, including electronic integration. Compared with the former two kinds of technology, the display effect is relatively good. This is because the hardware fusion technology can solve the problem of black balance in the process of image processing, software integration technology for image at the same time the white balance processing has a positive effect, two technologies complement each other, can enhance the truth of representation. < / p> 3, seamless splicing technology also experienced three processes, specific for the hard edge stitching, stitching and soft edge fusion splicing < / p> 1, the process of hard edge stitching technique, hard to avoid some flat-fell seam, leads to a lot of deficiencies panorama reappearance; < / p> 2, overlapping patchwork specific refers to: using two projectors, the screening at the split image overlay, in order to achieve the effect of overlapping. Compared with hard edges splicing technology, this stitching technique has many advantages, but also has some limitations. The stitching method may be because too many image overlay, leading to display appeared bright areas. In this way, can give a seamless technology application of adverse impact. < / p> 3, soft edge fusion splicing is by using edge fusion technology of image processing. This not only makes both sides better fusion, but also effectively prevent the too bright areas. In addition, the soft edge fusion splicing technology adaptation range is relatively wide, all can use in plane, cylinder, sphere, etc. Highway seamless LED LCD splicing technology make full use of this advantage, provide guidance for the construction of highway engineering. < / p>
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