The LCD screen mostly adopts DC dimming

by:Genyu     2020-03-25
< p> < / p> LCD screen due to rely on the LED back plate, therefore in the field of smart phones, LCD screen mostly adopts DC dimming, this is a light emitting component through direct control on both sides of the current size to adjust the brightness of the technology, when the LED back plate on both sides of the current is smaller, the lower the brightness. < / p> DC dimming itself is a very direct way, but it has a very obvious drawbacks - — Due to the different color wavelength, therefore in the condition of extreme low brightness, and DC dimming led to the inevitable partial color, such as early the DC dimmer LCD display, under low light, will be obvious by the problem. < / p> while DC dimming and AMOLED screen appears more 'water'. < / p> as I said, AMOLED display is a kind of organic materials self-illumination technology, so its display quality and the screen material is directly related to the quality control, color differences between pixels will be very obvious. < / p> under the DC dimming, early Galaxy S, S2, Note models will appear white uneven, serious partial color problem. In fact this problem even now all have no good solution, in the XDA BBS have great god released forced open the Galaxy S8 DC dimming mode of kernel, after opening, the Galaxy S8 in brightness is lower than 20% of the cases, remain more questions. < / p>
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