TN of LCD display type

by:Genyu     2019-12-27

People familiar with LCD display screen all know that it has different types, such as TN, IPS, etc. Jingyao has been deeply engaged in the display screen industry for many years and will have a relatively more comprehensive understanding of the display screen, today, Jingyao will introduce you to the TNlcd display.

The LCD display box of TN display screen is filled with positive nematic phase (Np) Liquid crystal, liquid crystal molecules are arranged in a spiral shape in the LCD display box, twisted 90 degrees between the two substrates, and the upper and lower polarizers are placed orthogonally.

using the optical rotation characteristics of Np-type liquid crystal, when light passes through the LCD display screen without power supply, it becomes polarized light through the first layer of polarizer, and when polarized light passes through the inside of LCD display screen, influenced by the liquid crystal molecules arranged in a spiral, the polarization direction of light rotates by 90 degrees, which is exactly the same as the direction of the polarizer on the other layer, and the light passes smoothly. This a in no and voltage of situation under backlight completely transmission and the display was white so was called 'often white mode '(NormallyWhite).

when we apply an electric field to the LCD display screen, the twisted structure of Np-type nematic liquid crystal molecules will be destroyed, the molecular distribution is distorted and arranged vertically, the optical rotation of the liquid crystal disappears, and the transmitted light is still along the long axis (Optical axis) Propagation, no birefringence, the partial vibration surface is unchanged, so the light is blocked by the upper polarization plate, thus obtaining a dark state display.

after reading the above introduction, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of TN LCD display screen, next, Jingyao will continue to organize the information to bring more professional knowledge and industry trends about the display industry. Welcome everyone to pay attention to Jingyao.

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