Two advantages of LCD display screen splicing technology

by:Genyu     2019-11-21
The LCD display is available in a variety of sizes and sizes. LCD display screen in addition to any number of splicing options [Line (M)× Column (N)] The size of the screen also has a variety of choices, and can be mixed and spliced, which meets the needs of different places of use. The splicing system should not only realize the display of the whole screen and large screen, but also realize the display of multiple small screens. For example, the splicing curtain wall of a traffic monitoring center requires that all monitoring points be viewed at the same time. When an abnormal situation occurs at a monitoring point, it can be quickly enlarged to full screen for everyone in the monitoring center to watch at the same time. This requires that in practical application, the splicing curtain wall should achieve good display effect in both large and small pictures. LCD display splicing system, the size is relatively small, but the resolution is the highest, and can be mixed and spliced. This is conducive to the user according to the actual use needs, reasonably arrange the splicing scheme, to achieve the size of the match, each has its own effect. The LCD display has stable performance, long service life and low maintenance cost. The service life of the LCD is very long, and the power is low, the calorific value is not large, and the failure rate is very low. LCD splicing screen DID ( DigitalInformationDisplay) Panel Features: ultra-high brightness, ultra-high contrast, ultra-durability and ultra-narrow edge applications, solving the technical obstacles of liquid crystal display applied to public display and digital advertising signs. Following the large-scale application of liquid crystal display in notebook computers, monitors and televisions, this panel technology is regarded by the industry as the origin of the 'fourth wave of liquid crystal. At present, LCD DID splicing screen has been widely used in large screen splicing display systems such as security monitoring and electronic video conference. LCD display Summary: 1) Functionally: LCD display screen is unique in flat panel display technology, with its advantages of thin thickness, light weight, low energy consumption, long life, no radiation, etc. and excellent performance of various key performance indexes, it has become the mainstream of development and has a promising prospect. 2) From the price point of view: considering the economy of the system, we cannot but mention the cost performance. Only on the premise of high performance and high quality can the economy of the system be meaningful. LCD display screen large screen display system has been widely welcomed at home and abroad for its excellent performance and reasonable price. Its service life of up to 50 thousand hours, stable quality and low maintenance cost are the only wise choice.
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