VA of LCD display type

by:Genyu     2019-12-21

There are several common types of LCD screens. Each different type has different characteristics and has its own advantages and disadvantages, today, Jingyao continued with the above, what are the characteristics of the VA type in the LCD display, I hope that everyone can understand the LCD display can play a certain role.

The VA display mode is characterized by that the liquid crystal molecular formula is arranged perpendicular to the glass substrate and the polarizers are orthogonal.

when there is no applied voltage, after the backlight enters the polarizer on the TFT side, the polarization direction of the light remains unchanged due to its parallelism to the optical axis of the liquid crystal molecule, therefore, the polarizer on the CF side cannot be transmitted to show the black state. This one is called 'normal black mode' because the backlight cannot transmit Black to the display screen without applied voltage '. After the voltage is applied, the liquid crystal molecules dump, and when the polarized light passing through the TFT passes through the liquid crystal layer, due to birefringence (Ellipse) Circularly polarized light, thus showing white through the polarizer on the CF side.

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