What about the LCD screen?

by:Genyu     2019-12-27

nowadays, the usage rate of LCD display screen is getting higher and higher, and different problems of one kind or another will be encountered in the process of use. Jingyao is a manufacturer specializing in the production of LCD display screen and touch screen, I also made some summaries for a series of problems, and announced that Jingyao will introduce you to the LCD display screen?

First, we need to check whether the connection of the LCD display card is loose. It is the most common phenomenon that 'clutter' and 'clutter' appear due to poor contact.

2: Check whether the graphics card is overclocked. If the graphics card is overclocked, irregular and intermittent horizontal stripes will usually appear. At this time, we need to reduce the overclocking range appropriately. Note that the frequency of video memory must be reduced first.

3: Check whether the resolution or refresh rate of the LCD display screen is set too high. However, the resolution of LCD display screen is usually lower than that of CRT display screen. If it exceeds the best resolution recommended by the manufacturer, it is very likely that the phenomenon of flower screen will occur.

4: Check whether the anti-electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic shielding quality of the video card are qualified. The specific method is to install some components that may cause electromagnetic interference away from the video card as far as possible (Such as hard disk), And then see if the flower screen has disappeared. If it is determined that the electromagnetic shielding function of the video card is not closed, it is recommended to replace the video card or make a self-made shielding cover.

Five: If the above five moves are used, the problem cannot be solved, then it is likely to be the quality of the LCD display. Then it is recommended to replace other LCD displays for testing.

The above are some methods that Jingyao has sorted out for everyone, hoping to be helpful to everyone. The LCD display itself is a glass product. When using it, try to protect it. For more information about LCD display, please consult Jingyao.

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