What are the advantages of excellent LCD manufacturers?

by:Genyu     2019-12-19

said LCD manufacturers, Shenzhen is too much of this kind of manufacturers, but do you know what advantages excellent LCD manufacturers have?

today I will introduce you to an excellent LCD screen manufacturer, which is Shenzhen Jingyao Co. , Ltd.

Jingyao has been focusing on the research and development, design, production, sales and service of LCD screens for more than 10 years and has now become a high-tech enterprise. At present, the company has two sub-brands of brand Jingyao and VIEWE, with more than 20 software copyrights, providing excellent product experience for customers in the domestic market and the international market respectively. It is the customer's preferred LCD screen manufacturer.

Jingyao has experienced R & D and design team, efficient management mode, excellent production technology, advanced automation equipment, rich sales channels and a wide range of industry customer systems. perfect after-sales service system, as well as a full range of innovative mechanisms to make Jingyao become an excellent LCD screen manufacturers.

Jingyao service terminal brand customers in handheld terminals, three-prevention mobile phones, medical equipment, Internet of Things equipment and other industries. It occupies a certain market position in LCD screen manufacturers, providing customers with integrated display and touch solutions and technical supporting services with high-end photoelectric performance. Rich supplier resource system and long-term stability of core material suppliers. At the same time, it has rich sales channels and extensive and excellent industry customer system.

An excellent LCD screen manufacturer has a series of advantages such as good service, excellent team, efficient management and excellent production technology. , jingyao is such a company.

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