What are the advantages of LCD display?

by:Genyu     2019-12-30
LCD is 'liquid crystal display ( Liquid Crystal Display) It was invented by American scientist George Haier Meyer in 1968. LCD is currently the most widely used display screen. LCD is used in electronic watches, calculators, digital multimeters, most mobile phones, most TV sets, most computer monitors, tablet computers, notebook computers, etc. LCD has many advantages. First of all, it is very thin, just like a glass plate, without the huge tail of CRT, so it is very suitable for hand-held portable devices; The working voltage of LCD is very low, and the power is also very small. It is suitable for battery-powered equipment. The disadvantages of LCD are also obvious. LCD itself does not emit light, so in many cases it needs to be equipped with additional backlight to illuminate the screen. After adding backlight, LCD will have unsolvable light leakage phenomenon. From this point of view, its display effect is not as good as CRT; The color of LCD is not as bright as CRT, and the contrast is not as high as CRT; LCD also has the problem of narrow viewing angle, which is more obvious on color LCD. If the eyes are not in front of the screen, color cast and distortion will occur. At present, the newly produced monitors and televisions are basically all LCD screens. The LCD display screen is smaller in size and lighter in weight. Because the traditional CRT display device uses the kinescope skill to image, it needs to store a vacuum kinescope inside, and then an electron gun is equipped at the tail end, so that its length generally exceeds 30 cm, the volume of the entire display is of course larger. For example, if the LCD display selects liquid crystal data and then uses the corresponding imaging skills to complete the display intention, it is not necessary to install a picture tube inside the display. Of course, the volume is small and relatively light. The surface image principle of LCD display screen is different from that of traditional CRT display, and the scale it indicates is the actual display area, however, the traditional CRT display is limited by the display skills, so the marked scale is smaller than the display area of the screen. The LCD display screen has zero radiation and no shine. Because liquid crystal data are selected for LCD, there is no need to select electron beam during operation, so there are no static electricity and radiation problems affecting vision. The CRT display device uses cathode picture tube imaging, and the electron beam contained in it will generate a lot of static electricity and radiation when moving, and the faster the electron beam runs, the greater its radiation, and the long-term use of human body, it will cause harm to eyes and skin, causing problems such as myopia and skin allergy. The LCD display screen has low power consumption and strong anti-interference ability. Besides the circuit and display power consumption, the CRT display screen also has the power consumption of the display screen, while the LCD liquid crystal display is mainly a backlight source and circuit power consumption, the power consumption of its display screen can be ignored. Because the liquid crystal display is not like the CRT display, it is not necessary to consider the high radiation effect caused by the electron beam emitted by the progressive electron gun, however, brightness is only obtained through the backlight emitted by the fluorescent tube, thus having stronger anti-interference ability. Even in an environment where light is relatively concentrated, it will be well displayed. The picture quality of LCD display screen is higher. The signal transmission of LCD display screen adopts digital method. Countless words of signals are directly input by the video card, which will not constitute signal loss and the picture quality is better. The traditional CRT display device uses the imitation display method, and the signal output of the display card uses the imitation output method, which may constitute the loss of the image in the transmission process, resulting in the decline of the picture quality.
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