What are the factors that need to be paid attention to when purchasing LCD industrial LCD?

by:Genyu     2019-12-12

with the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more application fields of display screens. In addition to commercial use, there is also a main use for industrial use. However, when people know to purchase LCD industrial LCD screens, what factors need attention? The following time Jingyao will give you a detailed introduction to the factors that need to be paid attention to when purchasing LCD industrial LCD screens?

1. Brightness

many users will find a common problem with LCD industrial LCD screen, that is, the screen color is too gray, which will directly affect the use effect of industrial display screen, therefore, it affects the visual effect of the video we watch. Whether it is used in industrial or medical fields, industrial display screens have different requirements for brightness.

2. Configuration

The degree of Configuration Optimization of products will also affect consumers' purchasing psychology. Everyone hopes to spend the least money to purchase the industrial display screen with the best quality, at present, the industrial display screen market is under great competitive pressure, and manufacturers will continue to innovate production technologies in order to reduce production costs.

3. Backlight life

CCF backlight of LCD industrial LCD screen has a long service life, generally up to 50 thousand hours. However, when consumers use industrial display screens at present, generally, it will not be turned on 24 hours a day. Although the service life of CCF backlight is only 10 thousand hours, it is enough.

4. Whether there is waterproof protection

Everyone knows that the display screen is afraid of water. After some industrial display screens without waterproof protection encounter water, the equipment is easy to crash directly. When purchasing industrial display screens, need to consider whether there is waterproof protection.

5. Heat dissipation capacity

when the industrial display screen is turned on all the time and touched by hand, it will be found that its temperature is relatively high, and some even feel obviously hot, if the purchased industrial display needs to be turned on for a long time, you need to pay attention to the indicator of the heat dissipation capacity of the display.

the above content introduces you to the five related indicators that you must pay attention to when purchasing LCD industrial LCD screens. Do you pay attention to the industrial display screens?

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