What are the LCD liquid crystal classification

by:Genyu     2020-03-27
Classification LCD display what < / p > < p > < / p > as people know, gradually to the LCD display material are basically organic compounds found, out of every 200 kinds of existing in the organic compounds are a kind of liquid crystal phase. From the perspective of the physical condition of component and a liquid crystal phase, the LCD can be divided into two major categories of thermotropic liquid crystal and lyotropic liquid crystal. < / p > put some heat dissolved organic matter, due to destruction of heating and the crystal lattice LCD called thermotropic liquid crystal, is such as to the liquid crystal phase due to temperature change. Put some organic matter in a certain solvent, due to destruction of solvent and the crystal lattice LCD is called the lyotropic liquid crystal, it is the result of the solution concentration change in the liquid crystal phase, the most common such as soap and water. < / p > is used to display LCD materials are basically thermotropic liquid crystal, and there are a large number of lyotropic liquid crystal in biological systems. Nearly ten thousand kinds of the liquid crystal material. A liquid crystal material, generally show slender rod or flat shape, and form special arrangement in each liquid crystal phase. < / p > formed from the rod molecules of liquid crystal, the liquid crystal phase of three categories: nearly crystalline phases ( Smecticliquidcrystals) , nematic phase ( Nematicliquidcrystals) And cholesteric phase ( Cholestericliquidcrystals) 。 < / p > Smectic by Greek, the shape is soap, because this type of LCD in the concentration of soap solution, all show characteristic of polarized microscopic image, thus named soap phase. Molecular layered, have the same direction, more close to the crystal, so the translation phase. Nematic is also from Greek, is the meaning of filamentous, because this kind of LCD thin layer in the polarizing microscope, present silky texture, called the silk. Molecular position, but the direction is roughly consistent, so the translation of nematic phase. Cholesteric phase liquid is due to the found in the earliest from cholesteryl liquid crystal material, called cholesteric phase. < / p > nearly phase liquid crystal is composed of bar or strip molecules, the molecules are arranged in layers, the layer within the molecular long axis parallel to each other, can the direction perpendicular to the plane, or to level with tilting arrangement. By molecular order, and its regularity of close to the crystal, with 2 d order. < / p > barycentric position of the molecules in the layer of internal disorder, free translation, and thus have liquidity, but the viscous coefficient is very large. Molecules can slide before and after, left and right sides, but it can't move between the lower level. Because of its high order, nearly phase often appear in low temperature range. < / p > < / p >
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