What are the manufacturing processes of mainstream capacitive screens?

by:Genyu     2019-11-27
Capacitive touch screens are mainly divided into OGS, On-Cell, In- Cell three mainstream technologies, their main principles are as follows OGS ( One Glass Solution)The process is to touch the glass (Touch Sensor)With protective glass (Cover Glass) Integrated together, that is, ITO conductive layer is plated on the inside of the general protective glass, so that the single glass not only has the strength and safety of the protective glass, but also has the touch function. On- Cell Technology: On Cell refers to the method of embedding the touch screen between the color filter substrate and the polarizer of the display screen, I . e. a touch sensor is arranged On the liquid crystal panel. In-Cell technology: In- The Cell solution is to make the Sensor electrodes Tx and Rx in the middle of the LCD Cell box to form an embedded Sensor, which saves additional Sensor substrates and reduces the thickness, weight and cost of the touch module, and achieve a better touch effect. In- Cell can maximize the compatibility of touch control and display in design and process, but due to its own structure, it still has some problems to overcome in design. At present, major panel factories are actively developing this technology. In order to achieve good touch and display effects and meet the needs of various production lines, various In-Cell design is also different.
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