What are the types of LCD screens?

by:Genyu     2019-12-27

LCD display screen, as the mainstream technology in the display industry, has several types, each with different characteristics, next, Jingyao will focus on scientific popularization of LCD display screens?

1. TNlcd display screen

TN is characterized by relatively low price, low technical access threshold and wide application. In general, TNlcd display screen is a product with obvious advantages and disadvantages, with low price, less output gray scale series and fast deflection speed of liquid crystal molecules, resulting in easy improvement of its response time, however, the visual angle is not ideal and the color performance is not true is its obvious disadvantage.

II. IPS LCD Display

IPS is: InPlaneSwitching is also called full viewing angle, its biggest selling point is that its two poles are on the same surface, unlike the electrodes of other liquid crystal modes, which are arranged in three dimensions on the upper and lower sides. Since the electrodes are on the same plane, the liquid crystal molecules are always parallel to the screen in any state, which will reduce the opening rate and reduce the light transmittance, so IPS will need more backlight when applied to LCD.

iii. VAlcd display

This type of panel is now a panel type with more high-end liquid crystal Applications, 16. The 7M color number and large visual angle are the high-end capital for this kind of panel positioning. At the same time, VA can be divided into MVA panel and PVA panel.

1. MVA's long axis of liquid crystal molecules is not parallel to the screen like TN mode when it is not powered on, but perpendicular to the screen, and each pixel is composed of a plurality of liquid crystal molecules with this vertical orientation.

2. PVA wide viewing angle technology (Soft screen) PVA wide-view technology also belongs to the category of VA technology. In fact, it is very similar to MVA and can be said to be a deformation of MVA. PVA uses transparent ITO electrode to replace the liquid crystal layer protrusion in MVA, which can obtain better opening rate and minimize the waste of backlight. This mode greatly reduces the possibility of 'bright spots' on the LCD panel.

LCD displays can be roughly divided into these categories, TN, IPS, VA (MVA, PVA) , And each category also has different characteristics, mainly depending on what type of terminal products are used, and what is suitable is the best. Jingyao Optoelectronics is a manufacturer specializing in industrial LCD display and touch screen.

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