What do you know about the characteristics of LCD display?

by:Genyu     2019-12-31
LCD Display screen is also called Liquid Crystal Display screen. The full name of LCD in English is Liquid Crystal Display, which belongs to flat panel Display. Screen Display for TV and computer. The advantages of LCD display screen are low power consumption, small volume and low radiation. The LCD liquid crystal display screen uses a three-layer structure of two electrode materials containing liquid crystal molecular solution, so that when current passes through the liquid, molecules will be rearranged to achieve the purpose of imaging. The LCD display uses two pieces of polarized material, between which is a liquid solution. When current passes through the liquid, molecules are rearranged so that light cannot pass through them. Therefore, liquid crystal molecules allow light to pass through and block light. Current LCD (LCD) The products are developing towards light, thin, short and small goals. What is the traditional display mode of LCD display screen, such as CRT Image Tube Display and LED display panel, etc. , are all affected by factors such as volume and power consumption, which cannot meet the actual demand. The development of liquid crystal display technology is just in line with the current trend of information products. LCD liquid crystal display has the advantages of right angle display, low power consumption, small volume, zero radiation, etc. , so that users have the best visual environment. At present, liquid crystal display technology is mainly divided into TN, STN and TFT technologies. TN-type liquid crystal display technology is the most basic technology of liquid crystal display, and other types of liquid crystal displays can also be said to be improved with TN-type as the origin. TFT-type liquid crystal display is relatively complex, and its main components include fluorescent tube, light guide plate, polarizing plate, light filter plate, glass liquid crystal display glass substrate, distribution film, liquid crystal material, thin mode transistor, etc. 1. The resolution of LCD display screen can be very high. ppi (Pixels per inch)Can reach 300 or more. 2. LCD has more gray scale and can display a wider range of colors. 3. High display quality: since each point of the liquid crystal display always maintains that color and brightness after receiving the signal, it emits constant light, unlike the cathode ray tube display (CRT)That needs to constantly refresh the highlights. Therefore, the liquid crystal display has high picture quality and will never flash, minimizing eye fatigue. Features of LCD display screen 4. No electromagnetic radiation: the display material of traditional display screen is fluorescent powder, which is displayed by electron beam impacting the fluorescent powder. Electron beam will generate strong electromagnetic radiation at the moment it hits the fluorescent powder, although many display products have been effectively treated in dealing with radiation problems, and the radiation amount is minimized as much as possible, it is difficult to completely eliminate it. Relatively speaking, liquid crystal display has inherent advantages in preventing radiation, because it does not have radiation at all. In the aspect of electromagnetic wave prevention, liquid crystal display screen also has its own unique advantages. It adopts strict sealing technology to seal a small amount of electromagnetic wave from the drive circuit in the display screen, however, in order to dissipate heat, ordinary displays must make internal circuits contact with air as much as possible, so that electromagnetic waves generated by internal circuits will 'leak' to the outside in large quantities.
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