What does backlight mean?

by:Genyu     2019-11-22
Backlight is a kind of illumination used in monitors using LCD liquid crystal display technology. Liquid crystal displays cannot emit light on their own and need to rely on light sources to provide visible images. In addition to computer monitors, LCD TVs and smartphones, backlights are also used for small displays (Such as watches and pocket calculators)In order to improve readability under low light conditions. Unlike headlights that illuminate from the front, backlighting usually produces illumination from the side or back of the screen. Most liquid crystal displays consist of several layers, of which the backlight is a further layer. Light valves usually prevent light from passing through by means of polarization filters, thus helping to change the amount of light reaching the human eye. Backlight sources mainly have five kinds of light sources: Led hot cathode fluorescent lamp cold cathode fluorescent lamp incandescent bulb electroluminescent plate, in which only the electroluminescent panel can provide uniform light on the whole surface. For other light sources, diffusers are required to provide uniform light. White backlight is more important than color backlight. Backlight helps to achieve thinner, lighter and clearer display. With existing display technology (Including OLED) Compared with the LCD screen with backlight, it has a longer service life. However, compared with devices based on OLED technology, displays using backlight consume more power.
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