What fields is graphic lcd 128x64 applied in?
In recent years, graphic lcd 128x64 has been more and more broadly used in the industry for its performance and characteristics. With a number of advantages, it is becoming increasingly attractive in the industry.

As a supplier and manufacturer of cog lcd, Shen Zhen Genyu Optical Co., Ltd. is professional and reliable. According to the material, Genyu Optical 's products are divided into several categories, and lcm lcd is one of them. The tests for Genyu display oled have been conducted. It has been tested in terms of flexibility, durability, accuracy, tolerances, fatigue resistance, etc. This product has a long half-life. The product will not accumulate bacteria or mildew. Any bacteria on the product will be easily killed by exposure to the sunlight. It rarely suffers image burn-in when a static image is displayed for a long time.

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