What interface does Jingyao have for everyone to popularize LCD display?

by:Genyu     2019-12-25

I don't know if my friends have such experience. The display screen I bought found that the interface is inconsistent with the host interface. The solution is usually to buy a adapter. What interface does the LCD display have? What is the difference between these interfaces? Today, Jingyao will lead everyone to have a look.

There are four common display interfaces: VGA interface, DVI interface, HDMI interface and DP interface.

1. VGA interface

VGA interface is a common interface, which has been adopted since CRT era. It is a color difference analog transmission interface, D-type port with 15 holes on it, which transmits different signals. In addition, the VGA interface is also called D-Sub interface.

2. DVI Interface

DVI interface is relatively complex and can be divided into three types: DVI-A. DVI-D and DVI-I. And DVI-D and DVI-I has a single channel and a dual channel.

3. HDMI interface

HDMI is the most common interface in our daily life. It is widely used in home multimedia devices. It is a special digital interface suitable for image transmission. It can transmit audio and image signals at the same time, with a maximum data transmission speed of 2. 25 GB/s.

4, DP interface

DisplayPort is also a high-definition digital display interface standard, which can be connected to computers and monitors, as well as computers and home theaters.

What are the interfaces of LCD liquid crystal display? Everyone should have a general understanding. In Jingyao can be designed according to customer requirements, so you can rest assured to buy Jingyao's LCD interface.

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