What is a liquid crystal splicing wall?

by:Genyu     2019-11-26
What is a liquid crystal splicing wall: the liquid crystal splicing wall has a large combination space: it can be spliced with small screens or large screens; It can be one-to-one single screen stitching or a pair of M × N full screen stitching; It can also be mixed and assembled in large and small screens. According to the system scale and application requirements put forward by customers for the liquid crystal splicing curtain wall system, and according to the use environment of the system, appropriate products and splicing methods can be selected to design specific implementation plans, meet the application requirements of the system. According to the user's requirements for input signals, different video processing systems can be selected to realize VGA, composite video, S- VIDEO, YPBPR/YCBCR or DVI signal input can meet the needs of different signal inputs in different use occasions. Through the control software, various signals can be switched, spliced into full screen display, any combination display, etc. What is the screen size of the LCD splicing Wall: 1. Advertising LCD splicing Wall (Plane, ARC Unit) Dimensions are:, 2, other series are: narrow side stitching, 42-inch narrow side highlight, 47-inch narrow side highlight, 47-inch ultra-narrow stitching, 47-inch ultra-narrow highlight, 46-inch CCFL backlight, 46-inch CCFL backlight, 46-inch LED backlight, 46-inch LED highlight, 55-inch LED backlight, 55-inch LED highlight, how much is the LCD splicing wall in general, and the price factors of LCD splicing wall are mainly concentrated: screen, size and brand. Mainly depends on what screen is used, the better splicing units are Samsung, LG, deep Display, etc. , the size of the size 42- 100, there are well-known brands and unknown brands. Generally speaking, the price of LCD splicing wall is relatively expensive, and the price is generally several thousand yuan to several hundred or 100,000 yuan. It is best to take the price of the actual dealer as the standard, and compare the prices of several manufacturers in the procurement process. LCD splicing Wall application field 1, airport, port, dock, Subway, highway and other transportation industry Information Display Terminal 2, financial, securities Information Display Terminal 3, commercial, media advertising, product display, etc. display Terminal 4, education and training/multimedia video conference system 5, dispatching, control room 6, radio and television, large-scale performance/performance venue 6, military, government, city and other emergency command systems 7 ,, mining, energy safety monitoring system 8, fire, meteorology, maritime, flood control, transportation hub command system
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