What is a mimic panel and digital screen, better show to teach you how to distinguish

by:Genyu     2020-03-16
< p> < / p> 1, the key difference in the input of simulation or digital RGB signals are. Pointed out that one of your mistake, the real input to the screen is a specific voltage value, the size of the voltage value determines the deflection of the liquid crystal size, to determine how much through light, can be thought of as drivers need screen is the simulation signal, but definitely not a digital signal, For RGB signal timing signals are digital, of course) RGB is if the simulation signal input so that simulation screen, screen is in LCM DRIVER IC internal samples processing, and then send the samples to TFT. Input RGB signal if the number is called digital screen, within the LXM DRIVER IC to be D/A conversion, the job is done by GAMMA correction circuit.

( Use type TFT LCD LCD panel display, dot matrix display actively, requires the source device ( 源驱动) And gate drive ( 门驱动器) To control the LCD field effect transistor FET the source and the grid. Receiving data source drives drive LCD display, drive (also known as data 数据驱动程序) , gate drive control progressive scan. < / p> < / p> 2, mimic panel input signals are analog RGB signal, the signal to each row and a line on the reverse, must have the cooperate VCOM signal, need to + 10 v and - Under 10 v bias, the vertical resolution of the general about 230; Digital screen input signal and an LVDS and so on several points TTL, usually red, green, blue three colors each with 6 to 8 digits to represent, does not need external bias, vertical resolution is usually more than 400. < / p> 3, mimic panel and digital screen screen itself is no different, the main difference is in the circuit. Added to the LCD screen pixel certainly are digital signals. At the edge of the screen there are a lot of driver IC, is known as the drive. Behind the screen of the circuit boards primarily controller, the controller will receive the signal is converted to meet the needs of the drive signal, drive timing to drive light corresponding pixels. < / p> mimic panel and digital screen in the writing part is the same, the difference between them lies in the input. Digital screen directly input digital signal, the RGB signals of each color are video conversion several digital signal processing circuit, directly to the screen control drive, A/D conversion is done in front of the circuit. And mimic panel input is trichromatic analog signal input, it's A/D conversion is done in the circuit on the LCD screen. < / p> actually digital screen with analog screen is done with digital signal drive. Now what is called the digital screen and mimic panel interface to distinguish from the LCD panel, screen is to mimic panel can be directly input analog signals, to the input digital signal is digital screen. Mimic panel more than digital screen an A/D converter, used to convert analog signal to digital signal. Digital screen will deal directly with digital signal to display. Digital screen from its signal transmission way points, can be divided into TTL, an LVDS and so on. < / p>
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