What is an LCD screen?

by:Genyu     2019-12-20

The full English name of LCD screen is called LiquidCrystalDisplay, which refers to the creation of various colors based on white light passing through the color filter. White light will form basic colors such as red, green and blue after passing through, and the light passing rate of each pixel point will be controlled by current, thus controlling the color of pixels.

in the LCD screen, it is very difficult to completely mask the white light to display black, there will always be some light leakage more or less, and this is why it is impossible to show true black on most night displays.

LCD screens have been basically popularized and the price is acceptable to ordinary consumers. With the rapid development of LCD technology, many drawbacks have made great progress. LCD has also been widely used in all walks of life and has become the most important display device in people's daily life.

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