What is LCD display brightness?

by:Genyu     2019-12-19

LCD display is a kind of data information (Electrical signal)Transformed into visual information (Graphic image) I believe no one does not know it. The LCD display screen itself cannot emit light. It needs backlight, peripheral circuits for control and drive, structural parts and other components to form a liquid crystal display module, what is the brightness of LCD display? Today, Jing Yao came to give you a simple popularization.

The Brightness of LCD display screen is also called Brightness, which is the maximum Brightness of LCD display panel. It is sometimes called Brightness in the industry. BM-7/A, CA- 310, CS2000 professional equipment to measure ,. Brightness refers to the brightness of the picture, and the unit is Kandra per square meter (Cd/m2) Or nits, that is, candlelight per square meter. Usually determined by the backlight module, the brightness of small and medium-sized LCM liquid crystal display modules such as mobile phones, MP3, GPS, etc. can reach about 350cd/m2, while the brightness of high-end LCM liquid crystal display modules can reach 450cd/m2. (Note the test conditions).

The brightness of industrial LCD screens produced by Jingyao can reach more than 1000. According to different needs of customers, brightness can be customized. High-brightness products have become the demand of more and more manufacturers, according to this demand of customers, Jingyao has carefully developed and designed products suitable for customer application scenarios, which are also recognized by many customers.

Everyone has a certain understanding of the brightness of LCD display screen. Jingyao is a professional manufacturer of industrial LCD display screen and touch screen, industrial Design, stronger and more reliable, makes your end products more competitive.

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