What is LED backlight?

by:Genyu     2019-11-27
1. The LED side light source emits light sources from both sides of the body, and the light is projected onto the panel through the function of the built-in high light transmittance light guide plate. Limiting the thickness of the LCD depends on the thickness of the LED lamp, and the side light source is located at the projection position on both sides so that it does not occupy the space of the thickness of the backlight plate. 2. Compared with direct backlight technology, side backlight technology requires higher overall system design and integration capability of enterprises. The difficulties of the side white LED technology are mainly the luminous intensity of single lamp and the integrated design capability of the whole machine. In addition, the original circuit board power supply, circuit, screen power supply and heat dissipation of LCM module need to be improved to ultra-thin. The Meijing electronic LED backlight using these technologies not only has exquisite picture expression, but also is as thin as paper on the LCD screen. 3. PET material mainly refers to the backlight light source part of the application and LCM module. Light passing through the diffusion layer with PET as the substrate will pass through the medium with different refractive index, causing many refraction, reflection and scattering phenomena of light, the light can be corrected into a uniform surface light source to achieve the effect of optical diffusion. According to the classification of LCD displays, there are two types of side-switching and direct-switching, among which the diffusion material used for side-switching is called XLK100 diffusion film (Or diffusion sheet); In the direct backlight light source, two kinds of diffusion materials are applied, one is diffusion film and the other is diffusion plate. The important indexes of diffusion film are all-light transmittance and haze. XLK100 diffusion film function is to provide a uniform surface light source for LCD liquid crystal display. What is the backlight source explained by Mai Jing electronics? Maijing electronic electronics (Maijing electronics) 14 years of professional custom backlight, is a low power backlight manufacturer for LCD screen customers to provide low power backplane, also known as LED backlight plate, LED light guide plate, LED backlight, etc. Solve the problem of customer LCD display light source, cheap, fast shipping, rest assured purchase! It can improve the color performance of LCD display. LED light is generated by three separate LEDs, providing a color spectrum that is quite consistent with the LCD Image point color filter itself.
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