What is the 5-inch tft LCD produced by Jingyao?

by:Genyu     2019-12-16

when it comes to the display screen, everyone is no stranger! So what about the 5-inch tft LCD screen produced by Shenzhen Jingyao? Jingyao led everyone to have a look?

First of all, we have to understand what TFT is? TFT ( ThinFilmTransistor)Is the abbreviation of thin film transistor. TFT liquid crystal display means that each liquid crystal pixel point on the liquid crystal display is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind it. The liquid crystal display screen is equipped with a semiconductor switch for each pixel, and its processing technology is similar to large-scale integrated circuit. Since each pixel can be directly controlled by point pulses, each node is relatively independent and can be continuously controlled. This design not only improves the reaction speed of the display screen, at the same time, the display gray scale can be accurately controlled, so the color of tft LCD screen is more realistic.

The 5-inch tft Liquid Crystal Display produced by Jingyao adopts wide-temperature industrial control FTFLCD, adopts new materials and IC driving mode, and improves the high and low temperature characteristics of TFTLCD. The display mode of the 5-inch tft Liquid Crystal Display produced by Jingyao is IPS, NOrmallyBlak, Transmissive, Resolution 720*1280, display interface MIPI, junction I2C of touch screen, not only like some, the light transmittance is 0. 85, also supports gloves/waterproof touch.

The 5-inch tft LCD produced by Jingyao can be stored in high temperature and high humidity environment, and the working temperature is- 20 degrees ~ 70 degrees, support Linux, Android, Windows platform, can resist 1. 5m drop, three anti-IP67. Mainly used in hand-held terminals.

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