What is the difference between HD and FHD in LCD liquid crystal display

by:Genyu     2019-12-26

when it comes to LCD liquid crystal display, everyone may care about its resolution, because the resolution is an intuitive feeling that directly affects the customer experience, when it comes to the resolution of LCD liquid crystal display, you may often see HD and FHD to express the resolution of LCD liquid crystal display. Today, Jingyao will introduce to you what this HD and FHD really mean?

1. FHDlcd

FHD is all called FullHighDefinition (FullHD)Can be translated into a full HD display. The resolution of Full HD can generally reach 1920*1080, which is what we often call a 1080P screen. At present, almost all medium and high-end models use this resolution screen.

2. HDlcd

HD is the abbreviation of English HighDefinition, HD is the resolution or pixel is 1280*720. It is our most common name for describing high-definition display screens, defined as images and videos with vertical resolution greater than 720. Simply put, the 720P display we usually say is an HD screen.

after reading the above explanation, do you have a certain understanding of LCD HD and FHD? Jing Yao concluded that the direct difference between them is that the resolution is different. The resolution of HD is 720*1280, the resolution of FHD is 1080*1920, and the resolution of FHD is higher than that of HD, the visual effect is relatively good. Want to know more about LCD display knowledge welcome to consult Jingyao.

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