What is the difference between LCD screen and OLED screen?

by:Genyu     2020-01-01
Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and it brings a lot of convenience to life. The mobile phone is updated quickly and the performance is getting higher and higher. I don't know if you have found that the screen of the mobile phone is also changing, the mobile phones we use now are divided into LCD and OLED screens. What is the difference between the two? Let's talk about LCD first. To put it bluntly, it is the LCD screen. LCD has been widely used in the early years, but everyone may not know how to say it in English. This technology is already very backward, the LCD screen has no way to self-illuminate. The reason why it can display images is actually through backlight, but there are still many mobile phones using LCD screens. LCD screens are now very cheap, and the cost is also very low. Generally, mobile phones using this screen are also very cheap. Although OLED is widely used, LCD market is still very broad, and small profits but quick turnover can also be profitable. OLED screens are very expensive and are not so popular. The so-called OLED screen is actually what we call a light emitting diode. This material can emit light by itself. OLED screens are also divided into two types, one is AMOLE and the other is PMOLED, the difference between the two screens is whether they are active or passive. Samsung phones often use AMOLED. In addition, most of the phones we use are AMOLED screens, which are currently only used for high-end machines. OLED screen has better advantages, full color and high contrast, which can better satisfy people's pursuit of vision. After the mobile phone uses OLED screen, the result becomes simple, this kind of mobile phone has a characteristic, that is, it is relatively light and thin. You can see if your mobile phone is in line with the three characteristics of light weight, high-end machine and bright color, then it is mostly OLED screen. While people pursue material, they also pay more attention to quality. For example, mobile phones can only make phone calls before, but now they can also change videos and screens so that people can watch mobile phones more clearly. What do you think of such changes?
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