What is the LCD display?

by:Genyu     2019-12-31

when it comes to LCD display screen, it may not be unfamiliar. It is the mainstream of today's display industry. Many end products use LCD display screen as output device. Liquid crystal display, or LCD Display ( LiquidCrystalDisplay) It is a flat ultra-thin display device, which consists of a certain number of color or black and white pixels and is placed in front of the light source or reflecting surface.

LCD has low power consumption, so it is favored by engineers and is suitable for electronic equipment using batteries. Its main principle is to use current to stimulate liquid crystal molecules to generate points, lines and surfaces to form a picture with back lamps. With the progress of science and technology, LCD liquid crystal display occupies an important position around us, so Jingyao will count its advantages today.

one. thin and light

Everyone knows that the TV we used in the 1980s s was still a CRT monitor, big and heavy. With the continuous development of the display industry, our LCD screens have come out and become the LCD screens we use today through continuous improvement. They are thin and light, however, some thin display modules produced by Jingyao Optoelectronics can reach a thickness of 1. 4mm, equipped with the customer's terminal machine does not take up too much space to meet the customer's requirements for thinness and lightness.

2. good display effect

since each point of the LCD display keeps that color and brightness after receiving the signal, it emits constant light, unlike the cathode ray tube display (CRT)That needs to constantly refresh the highlights. Therefore, the LCD screen has high picture quality and will never flash, minimizing eye fatigue.

three. the display principle of low energy consumption

LCD screen is to restore the picture by reversing the deflection angle of liquid crystal molecules in liquid crystal pixels, it does not have ultra-high pressure components like CRT, so that X-rays caused by high pressure will not exceed the standard. Moreover, the machine structure and circuit are simple, modularization and high integration of the chip are enough to minimize the electromagnetic radiation generated when the circuit works. This design directly reduces the power consumption of the circuit and the calorific value is also very small.

The above is the advantage of some LCD screens compiled by Jingyao. I believe it will be helpful for everyone to understand LCD, if you want to know more about the display, you are welcome to consult. Jingyao Optoelectronics is a manufacturer specializing in industrial LCD displays and touch screens. LCD display, Jingyao is worth buying.

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