What is the main process of LCD liquid crystal display?

by:Genyu     2020-01-04
LCD: use 'backlight (Backlight) 'Principle, using the lamp as the backlight light source, through the auxiliary optical module and the liquid crystal layer to control the light to achieve a more ideal display effect. Liquid Crystal is an organic compound with regular arrangement. It is a substance between solid and liquid, at present, nematic fine column liquid crystal with molecular arrangement is generally used, which is most suitable for manufacturing liquid crystal displays. Liquid crystal itself cannot emit light. It mainly displays images by changing the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules due to the change of electric field due to the change of voltage. The liquid crystal panel is mainly composed of two sodium-free glasses sandwiched with an interlayer composed of a polarizing plate, a liquid crystal layer and a color filter sheet. Polarizing plates and color filters determine how much light can pass through and what color of light is generated. The liquid crystal is filled between two well-made planes to form a liquid crystal layer. There are many grooves on the two planes, and the grooves on the individual planes are parallel, but the grooves on these two parallel planes are perpendicular to each other. Simply put, if the grooves on the back plane are arranged vertically, then the front plane is arranged horizontally. The arrangement of liquid crystal molecules located between the two planes will form a gradual distortion of 90 degrees in the z axis. The backlight light source, that is, the light emitted by the lamp tube, passes through the backlight plate and the reflective film on the back of the liquid crystal display screen to generate uniform backlight light, which will be twisted in the z-axis by the liquid crystal through the back layer, so that it can pass through the front layer plane. If a voltage is applied to the liquid crystal layer, an electric field will be generated, and the liquid crystal molecules will be rearranged, so that the light cannot be twisted and thus cannot pass through the front layer plane, thus blocking the light. In the process of box making, special attention should be paid to the following points: ① temperature control of glass when spraying lining material. Generally, when using pure solid lining material, the glass temperature should be the same as room temperature; When using the mixed liquid liner, try to keep the glass in a hot state that has just been dried from the oven. (2) when the LCD liquid crystal display screen is attached, the pressure applied to the two pieces of glass should be appropriate to prevent the lining material in the box from breaking and damaging the orientation layer. (3) when bonding, both pieces of glass should be kept at room temperature, so as to avoid uneven box thickness caused by glass deformation due to temperature difference between cold and heat. 4 The liquid crystal box that fits well, because it has not been cured, the bonding is not strong, so it needs to be handled with care to avoid position change. ⑤ When wet spraying is used, the prepared lining material of the mixed liquid must have good compatibility and cannot have agglomeration and precipitation.
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