What is the meaning of LCD display color saturation

by:Genyu     2019-12-27

when it comes to LCD display screen, it is very common for people to think that it is clear and not clear, and the color is bright and not bright. This is a very important factor for the public to judge the quality of LCD display screen, in fact, we also ignored one parameter, that is, the color saturation of LCD display screen. Today, Jingyao will give you a brief introduction.

The so-called LCD display saturation refers to the purity of the color. The higher the purity, the more vivid the performance and the lower the purity, the performance is relatively bleak. In English, Saturation and Chroma speak the same thing. Color saturation of liquid crystal (ColorGamut) Also known as color gamut, it represents the brightness of LCD color and is a very important parameter for LCD products.

because each pixel of the LCD display is composed of red, green, blue (RGB) Sub-pixels are composed, and the backlight is combined into any color light by RGB pixels after passing through liquid crystal molecules. If the RGB three primary colors are brighter, the wider the color range that the display can represent. If the three primary colors of the display are not bright, the range of colors that the display can display is narrow because it cannot display colors that are brighter than the three primary colors. The way to improve color saturation is to improve the backlight spectrum and the purity of the three primary colors, which requires higher technology and cost from manufacturers. The grades of various liquid crystal displays on the market are different, and their brightness is also very different.

The color saturation of the LCD display screen is based on the triangular area surrounded by the three primary colors of the display on the CIE chromaticity diagram, the area of the triangle surrounded by the three primary colors specified by NTSC is the denominator, and the percentage is calculated. If the color saturation of a display is '72% NTSC', it indicates that the color range that this display can display is 72% as specified by NTSC.

measure the red, green and blue color gradation area of LCD to S

Calculate the color gamut area surrounded by red, green and blue coordinates, the larger the color, the richer the color and the brighter the color.

The above is an introduction to the color saturation of LCD display screen compiled by Jingyao. I want to know more about LCD display screen, welcome to consult Jingyao, a manufacturer specializing in the production of industrial LCD displays and touch screens. Welcome to consult.

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