What is the reason for the flicker of LCD screen?

by:Genyu     2019-12-25

when it comes to LCD displays, you may first think of mobile phones, tablet computers and the use of LCD displays, which are far more than these. They are used in all walks of life as information output devices. As a key component, the quality of LCD display directly affects the user's direct experience. What if the LCD display flickers? What is the cause? Today, Jingyao will give you analysis and analysis.

The refresh rate of LCD display screen is incorrect. Many LCD displays require a standard 60Hz refresh rate, however, in fact, many LCD displays can only prevent phase doubts at 75Hz. However, some monitors happen to be the opposite, and users try different settings themselves. But remember, you only have 60 and 75Hz to choose from, and never exceed this limit.

The aging of LCD display screen sometimes appears to vibrate because the display used is old. In order to check whether the electronic components inside the LCD display are aging, the faulty display can be connected to another person's accounting machine for testing. If the fault still disappears, the display is broken and needs to be repaired.

The selection of LCD display screen must be industrial grade, which is more secure in terms of reliability, stronger and more durable, for example, the industrial LCD display screen produced by Jingyao is impeccable in terms of display effect and product reliability. Professional matters are left to professional manufacturers and LCD display screen manufacturers are selected, looking for Jingyao is right.

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