What is the reason why the LCD screen brightens?

by:Genyu     2020-01-04
With the global tablet data display (FPD) With the rapid development of technology, many new display technologies have emerged, such as LCD liquid crystal module, plasma display (PDP)Organic Electroluminescent Display (OLED), Vacuum fluorescence display (VFD)And other technologies. Among them, LCD has a series of advantages such as low working voltage, low power consumption, high resolution, good anti-interference, mature large-scale production technology and low cost, so its application scope is relatively wide, so you can learn about it. Liquid crystal is a display technology that cannot self-illuminate. Its optical brightness depends on the backlight module at the rear. The quality of the backlight module determines the display effect of the product. As long as the optical components such as backlight source maintain the original state and add several thin layers of brightening film, the brightness of LCD liquid crystal module can be more than twice as high as before, which shows the importance of optical film in liquid crystal technology. Backlight module optical film is mainly used for various LCD backlight products such as TV, mobile phone LCD module, monitor, MP4, digital camera, car series, etc. Optical film is the core component of backlight module, accounting for the highest proportion of backlight module cost. In the common structure of the optical diaphragm of the backlight module, it is usually composed of one reflective film, one lower diffusion film, two brightening films and one upper diffusion film. The optical diaphragm is the component with the highest cost ratio in the backlight module. With 42-inch TFT-LCD (LED) Panel, for example, optical film accounts for about 37% of the cost of backlight module and about 17% of the total cost of liquid crystal module. Among them, the cost proportions of reflective film, diffusion film and brightening film are 2%, 6% and 29% respectively, and brightening film is the most critical component. 1. The key technology of Optical membrane coil is coating technology, among which the core difficulty of brightening film lies in the manufacturing of pattern mould roller in the manufacturing link of Optical membrane coil, precision Coating Technology is the key technology of production process. The coating process involves key technologies such as raw material formula and coating process. It takes a long time to explore and test before the core technology can be mastered. 1) Diffusion film: at present, the production process of domestic diffusion film is very mature, and the high-end diffusion film is produced by precision coating. 2) Reflective film: the production process is more diversified. The commonly used raw materials include PET, PP, PC, etc. Currently, PET is used in the large-scale display market, in the small and medium-sized market, Mitsubishi's PP reflective film is mainly used. 3) Brightening film: also known as Prism film, brightening film, BEF ( Brightness Enhancement Film) It consists of a three-layer structure. The lowest layer of the incoming surface needs to provide a certain degree of fog through back coating. The middle layer is a transparent PET substrate layer, and the top layer of the light surface is a micro-prism structure. The key technology of brightening film is carving prismatic pattern on roller. At present, the mainstream process for preparing brightening film is the photocurable UV Adhesive molding technology on the processed die roller. The micro-prism structure needs to use a metal roller with a fine Micron structure, and its processing needs to use a diamond precision machine tool, so the technical barriers are high. The development trend of brightening films in the future is compounding, I . e. replacing two films with one film.
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