What issues should be considered in the purchase of LCD screens?

by:Genyu     2019-12-13

when it comes to LCD screen procurement, what issues need to be considered? Below I have sorted out some issues that need to be considered before purchasing.

First of all, when purchasing LCD screens, you need to consider the address of the manufacturer. If you are a Shenzhen enterprise, you must especially consider the Shenzhen enterprise, the nearest principle. Enterprises close to each other can not only save a lot of time for the company, but also save costs. For example, if you want to go to the factory for on-the-spot investigation, if you are close, you can't save a lot of money first, and you can save a lot of money second.

Secondly, when purchasing LCD screens, you also need to consider the strength of manufacturers. There are countless manufacturers of LCD screens, how do you know what the strength of the manufacturer is? First of all, it depends on the establishment time of this enterprise. The longer the establishment time, the stronger the survival ability of the enterprise. Secondly, it depends on the scale of the enterprise. When it comes to scale, this must be on-the-spot investigation. Now many enterprises say their company is perfect, but this is not the case. On-the-spot investigation, we can see the scale, corporate culture, corporate atmosphere and so on of this enterprise. Of course, there are many other aspects to consider, which should be investigated according to the needs of each company.

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