What waste products can the LCD screen detect on the light table?

by:Genyu     2019-12-30
1, pollution inside the box, in the dark field (Or bright field)White under (Or blue black) The appearance of spots is caused by dirt inside the liquid crystal box, commonly known as dirt inside. The reason for this is that foreign matter is attached to the glass surface before the glass is attached or the powder in the powder spraying process is not scattered. 2. Fingerprint LCD screen visually observed fingerprint marks in the display area, which were left after the operator's fingers touched the iTO surface and PI surface of the glass before the glass was attached. 3, orientation error/difference, if no dark field is observed in visual inspection (Or bright field) This is the trace left by the operator's finger touching the ITO surface and PI surface of the glass before the glass is attached. 4, the border deformation, visual inspection found that the width of the border is uneven, called the border deformation. 5, rainbow LCD screen in the visual observation of the annular or ribbon color uneven phenomenon is called Rainbow. 6. Bubble bubble refers to the phenomenon that the LCD screen is not completely filled with liquid crystal in the liquid crystal box during visual inspection, and bubbles can still be seen. This is mainly due to errors in the process of liquid crystal perfusion. 7. Air leakage. On the visual inspection table, if a small amount of gas is observed to enter the sealing part of the liquid crystal box or the sealing part is not sealed firmly, it is called air leakage. 8. Poor cutting. Poor cutting is the appearance of irregular glass edges caused by improper cutting or grain breaking.
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