Where is the price of LCD splicing screen?

by:Genyu     2019-11-24
1. Samsung and LG imported panels. Although BoE has already started mass production, its technology has also made a great breakthrough. Even Huawei's flagship mobile phone mate20pro this year uses its OLED. This shows that BoE's strength cannot be underestimated. Huawei's main business is 5G, and mobile phones have always been Huawei's sideline. Now Huawei's shipments have overtaken Apple's mobile phones. However, because Samsung and LG moved into the market earlier, Samsung and LG have been basically chosen as the panels of the LCD splicing screen industry for a long time. BOE may be able to take a share in the future, but at present, it is certain that the market share is not as large as Samsung and LG. Samsung and LG panels are superior to domestic panels, mainly due to their ultra-high brightness, ultra-high contrast, ultra-high service life and ultra-narrow design of stitched frames. The brightness of LCD splicing screens can reach up to 1500: 1, the maximum contrast ratio can reach 10000:1, which is nearly 2 times higher than that of computer screens and TV screens of the same size. The brightness and contrast ratio can reach this standard, which basically supports visible light under outdoor strong light. 2. The color is gorgeous and the saturation is high. The Conventional CRT color saturation is only 50%, while the LCD splicing screen can reach 92% of the high color saturation. Because the product color calibration technology has been greatly improved, but the static picture color calibration, but also the color calibration of the dynamic picture, the picture output will be very accurate and stable. 3, ultra-wide display angle, through the 'image vertical adjustment technology' can make the LCD splicing screen angle of view to 178 °, whether it is horizontal or vertical, can do no dead angle display. 4, ultra-narrow frame design, LCD splicing screen ultra-narrow frame design this is very advantageous, the general display is usually difficult to break through more than 100, the main reason is that the process, the other is that the larger the screen, the higher the requirements for transportation and installation. The most worrying thing during transportation is that the center of the panel will collapse. Therefore, if someone wants to be a large screen with a leader of and a height of, it will not be displayed if it is made into a piece, only multi-screen splicing can be used.
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